Della Terra is a dream come true for proprietor Judi Ratto, who grew up visiting the family’s orchard in Orland, California. Over the years she developed a passion for good food and homemade oils that were an integral part of every meal. After many trips to Northern Italy and an introduction to blending the most unique and flavorful olives together, Judi has been able to turn a passion into a thriving business.

Della Terra's olives are grown in certified organic groves in Central California, where they are harvested at the peak of flavor and freshness. Each batch is crushed, racked, and blended to give it a grassy, fruity, and naturally delicious flavor, as well as a beautifully rich, green color and slight peppery finish.

Our company prides itself on quality and attention to detail and all of our products are certified organic by the California Olive Oil Council. Our 25-Year Cask-Aged balsamic vinegar is sourced directly from Modena, Italy and has delicious port and madeira undertones.