I am deeply inspired by my parents. My father Leonard passed away at 99 years old, and my mother Norma almost reached 101 years old. She was the quintessential Italian mother - always making homemade pasta, risottos, sauces and desserts. We are convinced that no one ate better than my father. My mother proudly accepts all the credit for his longevity, though good genes surely played a role!

Extra virgin olive oil is the foundation of most northern Italian dishes, and it’s no coincidence that Italy also boasts one of the planet’s greatest life expectancy rates.

Numerous studies have revealed the benefits of olive oil as an integral part of the Mediterranean diet. As first generation Italians and San Francisco Bay Area residents, my parents instilled in us that “breaking bread” with family and friends is the pinnacle of a life well spent!

Sunday dinners were a weekly occurrence at my mom's house, as they embodied the life she had always lived! As Norma would recommend, pour a glass of Prosecco, gather friends and family around the table, and enjoy!